Swamp Gas Gallery

What was that Swamp Gas?

“SWAMP GAS”, sometimes called “will-o-the wisp” or “fox fire” and even “wetland flatulence” is a naturally occurring phenomena caused by decaying organic matter transforming into a gaseous state and on extremely rare occasions takes on certain properties of luminescence. In the 1950′s many UFO skeptics used this uncommon swamp gas occurrence to dismiss numerous sighting of weird lights and objects in the sky.

It’s a gas! gas! gas!…..Swamp Gas!

Here, we use the term in reference to another uncommon phenomena, the process of creation by which all art and craft come into being. Swamp Gas is our Gallery, a collection of quality consigned art works from around the region as well as many art and craft items relating to Swamps, Geology and Nature such as fossils, stones, and mineral specimens. Why the UFO connection to art and geology you ask? Well it’s like this. If everything in our universe was easy cut and dry, always having a concrete explanation, what a boring place it would be. The Swamp Gas / UFO connection is our attempt to shake things up a little bit here in southeast Georgia and we have allot of fun with it.

When you visit the area we hope that you will stop in and contribute to our ability to be here by purchasing something. After all, that’s how we exist here with this collection of eclectic treasures not found anywhere else. Remember, it’s not TV, so be warned. We are not a country craft gift shop, but we do have some wonderful traditional & heritage crafts.


Tuesday to Saturday – 2 PM to 6 PM (it never hurts to call ahead 912 – 496-4472) – CLOSED on SUNDAYS & MONDAYS

Check the latest news for information on business hours during certain special seasons

Located at Okefenokee Pastimes across from the Swamp’s Main Entrance

The Swamp Gas Mission is:
Daring to take art, fine craft, rocks, fossils and unusual collectable items where they have never been before…
right to the edge of the Okefenokee swamp!

Fine potters representing FL, NC & AL in raku, wheel & hand built. We love pottery and this is some very nice work, whether for a gift to the house sitter or for yourself, these are quality additions that work for anyone who uses or collects pottery.
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Innovative metal sculptors, in copper and steel, all sorts of critters and caricatures for indoors or out. Plus a universal mind’s stone picture frames & lights, a student of sacred geometry at his best. Semi precious stone carvings abound of alligators, birds, snakes, mammals, fish, and many other swamp dwellers. Wax sculpted honey bee lamps you have to see and smell to believe. Agate slabs created by Nature but cut by man to delight the eye.

Watercolors, acrylics, oil and a famous “out-there”, creative airbrush madman who paints some extraordinary swamp residents. Mostly what we have are very reasonable prints with a few originals on subjects ranging from wildlife and scenery to architecture. Several of Georgia’s best artists are represented here.

Excellent nature photographers utilizing all the great outdoors. Affordable prints of nature scenes and wildlife as well as plant life from many different perspectives and locales.

Handmade Paper
Whack-o-women dripping creativity – they push it to the outer limits! Okefenokee theme items and sculptures of fish, vegetables as well as amazingly creative objects of admiration and love. Check out the cards that sprout a living message for the receiver.

Handcrafted by us (the owners and operators) mostly sterling silver but other metals are used also. Many wildlife and nature themes are presented as well as some designs that incorporate shamanism and other influences. This is what we did before we created Okefenokee Pastimes and is what we wish we had more time for now. Because we have so little time to devote to our art and craft endeavors, we carry some inexpensive sterling silver jewelry which we know to be quality made utilizing nature themes and particularly the swamp. We call this jewelry “Swamp Silver” and you should check it out, most of it is priced extremely low and affordable to almost any budget.


Stellar carvers & star craft whackers creating alligators, turtles, snakes,frogs, birds, bats, hummers and more all hand carved from Chinaberry and Hibiscus woods by a very talented carving collective.

Print making
By a super birder, naturalist & creative powerhouse these prints will especially please the birders in your life. Created with a love and understanding of the subjects that is a delight to behold.

Glass Sculpture
Magical, mystical mistresses & masters of music & glass. From beautiful stained glass boxes, some of pyramid shape to whimsical butterflies that live in your garden, something to delight the child in all of us.

Pine needle Baskets
Beautiful, painstakingly tight woven utilitarian and decorative baskets by an artist of the swamp. Utilizing some amazing techniques and accent pieces which result in some really special one of a kind works of art or fine craft.

While we travel during our off season, we are constantly looking to pick up unique objects from all over the world. As jewelers and because we are located beside an ancient natural habitat dominated by a creature (the American alligator) with a family tree as old as the dinosaur, we naturally gravitate toward rocks, minerals and especially fossils. We have some fine yet affordable specimens woven throughout the rest of our eclectic mix. From dinosaur bones and ancient fossilized alligator and sharks teeth to fossils shaped into bowls, we have treasures to stir the imagination and make your being smile.

Be the envy of friends & strangers and also the first in your neighborhood.
Own the “official” Okefenokee Yacht Club T-shirt.
Conceived, created and available exclusively at Swamp Gas Gallery, also available by mail order.

Be part of the Yacht Club that’s just a little bit more special. Limited quantities available.

Please check us out when you visit Okefenokee.
Take home a swamp something that’s out of this world, from Swamp Gas!!!

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