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Important Shuttle Information (see below)

Okefenokee Pastimes provides an excellent boat & people shuttle service in and around the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, we are charged by the Refuge USFWS (the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service) an extra one time fee of $25.00 per party/trip to enter the refuge for the commercial purpose of moving boats & people.

Okefenokee Pastimes cannot afford to do the shuttle without passing this one time charge on to the customer. Every outfitter or business working legally in the Okefenokee, including the concessionaire at Suwannee Canal (east entrance) must pay. Everybody is required to pay this fee when moving boats from one location to another for money. Bizarrely, the fee is paid through the refuge concessionaire who collects it (also on themselves) for a percentage that they pay the federal government (USFWS) to operate in the Wildlife Refuge.

The fee is collected for the sole expressed purpose of commercial boat and people movement mainly in conjunction with the paddle trail system for the following locations: East Entrance (Suwannee Canal), Kingfisher Landing and Stephen Foster State Park (the West side).

The concessionaire at Suwannee Canal is exempt from collecting their location’s fees on themselves for their boats departing and returning to only that entrance’s waterway.

The fee policy seems from our perspective to be in place to stifle outside competition at this location. The additional $25 expense could make it cost prohibitive if you wanted to rent our boats and put in and take out only at the East Entrance (Suwannee Canal) and also wanted us to move boats for you.

Otherwise, as far as shuttling & outfitting goes we can be very competitive with pricing especially the Kingfisher to Stephen Foster runs.

We encourage you to get and compare prices, in most cases we will be less expensive.

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