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Motorboat Photo Safari Okefenokee Swamp #M-Ph3

$295 for one, add $65 per additional person up to 4. See discounts, groups & price details below.

Motorboat Photographers Tour

Ibis in the Prairies east side Arpil 2011
Brief Description

A privately guided photo safari tailored for pros or serious hobbyists with photo oriented specifics.

Tour Details
Motorboat Photo Safari Okefenokee Swamp #M-Ph3

This professionally oriented Photo Safari is tailored to the pro and or very serious hobbyist photographers who have certain photo related specifics in mind. This can be more than just a guided tour set to show certain aspects of the swamp and you take some pictures along the way. Our regular sightseeing guided swamp or river tour might be fine if that is what you need. The point of this particular chartered boat excursion is similar to film making. You are like a director with your vision & ideas as an ultimate goal. Those aspects are what we strive to deliver for you, so communications are essential. We try our best to give you what your after unless it becomes a danger or is a prohibited activity. Where we go and for what subjects or how much time we spend with those subjects etc all depends on you the photographer.
The motorboat venue is the easiest, safest and most functionally comfortable situation for a photographer with expensive gear, who appreciates room to maneuver with lenses and other equipment without the possibility of tipping a boat. The boat we use is a very stable platform, (a heavy duty fiberglass flat bottomed boat). The boat has a flat front deck directly ahead of the photographer’s seat that is ideal for setting up belly close up shots. In order to succeed in catching wildlife unobtrusively we will want to make use of our quiet electric motor much of the time to move us slowly and silently from one subject to the next.
The Okefenokee Swamp takes top billing here as a photographers destination and a subject matter because of the vastness of this wilderness and its wildlife and habitat protection under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
The St Marys River is an almost pristine black water boundary that separates Georgia from Florida. Usually you do not see as much wildlife, like the larger wading birds or numerous alligators in the river like you frequently see in the swamp. More often than not on the river we seem to spot unusual and very interesting subject matter, making it worth the time and effort. Vegetation & scenery along the river has some similarity but is very different from the swamp. The river has what some would say is a more unusual array of cypresses, dead falls and scenic landscapes than what is easily viewed from many swamp locales. Another welcome bonus of the river is the numerous white sandy beaches contrasting the tea colored water.
I (your guide), make a point to take it slow and easy in either environs in order to let you direct the shots. If you wish to spend the whole time in one area with one subject getting the right shot that’s part of it, patience is the rule. I will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. Like I’ve said, you are the director. I am the boat handler and guide working for you.
This is approximately 3 & 1/2 hours on the water – A half day – photo safari – usually leaving out early for best light and wildlife opportunity’s of the day. Later departures can be arranged but are not recommended except during very cold weather.
You should bring: Any & all photo gear you might need, Optics, Field Guides, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jackets (protection for your gear in case of rain – we go rain or shine – remember it is a swamp), insect repellent, comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. Hot and cold times of year please check with us about some special instructions.
Timing Info: The busiest times at Okefenokee are usually the weekends or holidays, a Friday afternoon, Saturdays and a Sunday after 11AM or almost any time of year except for the slowest months can mean sharing the waterways with others. For those reasons and some other good ones, (like early bird catches the worm). It is important that we go early AM when there is less activity, because we will probably have a better shot at solitude and a higher probability of wildlife sightings along many sections of waterway.
Guide Steve Knight (see guide bio)
Consider staying in one of our comfortable, clean, cozy and convenient Cabins while doing your private Photo Safari. It sure makes things so much easier, nicer & better for everyone especially you, to be right here. Enjoy being in the country and some fine natural surroundings, not to mention the great bird watching and photo opportunities found here on our property. Okefenokee Pastimes is directly across from the main entrance to Okefenokee NWR and a mile from the St Marys river.
Take a break from TV (you might need it) although every Cabin and campsite has high speed internet WIFI reception and decent cell phone service here. All the Cabins are Non Smoking. A butt-can and ashtray can be provided for outside only smokers.
Our Cabins are Clean! & Nice! & Private! & Fun! And at a Reasonable Price! Charming plus Romantic for couples! You could stay at a B&B but it would not be cleaner or nicer, just fancier furniture (ours is simple but comfortable). Please go to the Deluxe cabin page for details.
Guided Tour Discounts given to lodging guests:
$10 – discount given to guests in our Deluxe Cabins.
Pricing and details for more people & larger Boat:
We always suggest you keep your Photo Safari to a minimum number of people but sometimes clubs or organizations may want a group experience. We do have a larger boat that will fit the bill – see below.
Please ask about our larger capacity boat perfect for groups of photographers like clubs and organizations. We offer this new and larger boat outfitted the same way (quiet electric motor) able to accommodate from five to eight people and sometimes more for about 3 hours on the water, a very similar high quality guided Okefenokee boating experience.
All tours will originate from the east entrance of Okefenokee NWR (Suwannee Canal) or upon request the St Marys River. Tours from Kingfisher Landing Okefenokee NWR 25 miles away, will add $95.
Big Boat Prices:
A five person minimum is $460 add $50 per extra person over 5 people up to a max of 10 people. Comfortable seating is designed for 8 in the larger boat. It’s outfitted with a larger quiet electric motor and is perfectly suited to the purpose at Okefenokee or the river.
{Tour timing, availability, durations and areas covered in the Okefenokee & River are subject to change with water levels & weather conditions.}

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