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Georgia Coastal Environment Motorboat Tour

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Private Motorboat Tour of the GA Coastal Environment – Possibly not available at this time – call for details
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Private Motorboat Tour of the GA Coastal Environment

Description: This tour is available generally only on weekdays and non-holidays, it involves up to 3 hours on the water. Enjoy and experience Georgia’s rich coastal marsh ecosystem of tidal creeks, estuaries and salt water environment. We will be cruising a saltwater river mouth, The Intracoastal Waterway, and tidal creeks located behind and along side of Cumberland Island. If time and weather conditions permit we might be able to head out into the Atlantic Ocean to investigate the marine life of near shore Cumberland Island.
Our boat is a small but safe, seaworthy, V hull with a tiller outboard also outfitted with a quiet electric motor for silent propulsion and stealthy wildlife observations. The boat only seats 2 and is of course outfitted with all appropriate and legally required safety equipment.
Steve will be your guide for the tour. He is a captain able to operate a passenger vessel up to 100 miles offshore and on all inland and inshore navigable waterways. He is, to our knowledge, the only guide operating power boats at the Okefenokee NWR who has ever possessed a valid Coast Guard’s Captain License.
We will be sightseeing & birding, looking for marine mammals or any other marine life of interest. If we are lucky its possible to have sightings of Dolphins, Manatees, Sea Turtles or more likely some spectacular sightings of wading birds and any number of other coastal brackish and saltwater life forms.
Tour availability and activities can be subject to coastal weather and water conditions. Cold juice and water will be provided. This tour is ideal for amateur photographers, bird watchers, nature lovers and/or anyone who would like to see these wonders from a different and more nautical perspective.
Certain transportation restrictions may apply, guests may be asked to provide their own transportation to and from the departure point in St Marys, GA 35 miles away. Allow for 1&1\2 – 2 hours round trip transportation to and from put in point.
You should bring: Optics, Field Guides, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jackets (be prepared for spray and rain at any time), insect repellent, comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. Hot and cold times of year please check with us about some special instructions.
Consider staying in one of our comfortable, clean, cozy and convenient Cabins while doing your private tour. It sure makes things so much easier, nicer & better for everyone especially you, to be right here. Enjoy being in the country and the fine natural surroundings, not to mention some great bird watching found here on our property. Okefenokee Pastimes is directly across from the main entrance to Okefenokee NWR and a mile from the St Marys river.
Take a break from TV (you might need it) although every Cabin and campsite has high speed internet WIFI reception and decent cell phone service here. All the Cabins are Non Smoking. A butt-can and ashtray can be provided for outside only smokers.
Our Cabins are Clean! & Nice! & Private! & Fun! And at a Reasonable Price! Charming plus Romantic for couples! You could pay allot more to stay at a B&B in town but it would not be cleaner or nicer, just fancier furniture (ours is simple but comfortable). Please go to the Deluxe cabin page for details.
Guided Tour Discounts given to lodging guests:
$25 – discount given to guests in our Deluxe Cabins 2 or more night stay.
$10 – discount given to guests for a one night only stay in our Deluxe Cabins or stay in our Basic Cabins or stay here as Campers.
{Tour timing, availability, duration and areas covered in coastal environments are subject to change at any time with local conditions & weather.}

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