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Fishing Trip # M-F7 (Swamp, River or Coast)

$295 one or 2 fishermen, add $65 each additional up to 3 . See discounts & price details below.

Motorboat Fishing

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Brief Description

A private motorboat fishing trip in Okefenokee Swamp or St Marys River or Coastal Salt Water.

Tour Details
Fishing Trip # M-F7 (Swamp, River or Coast)

Description: This fishing trip involves up to 3-1/2 hours on the water in a comfortable 16 ft motorboat to fish from. Expect for us to head out early to get the best start. Although I have been a serious fisherman all my life, freshwater fishing is not really my thing. I offer the Swamp and River trips because I keep being asked to provide them. I will certainly share all I know about these areas which I spend allot of time in. The hope is that you benefit from my knowledge of these freshwater environments.
Salt water is a different animal and presents some extra challenges. It is more distant travel wise (an hour drive) and will be out of a different smaller boat, a 14 ft aluminum V hull with small hp outboard. There is only room for one average to large size adult fisherman or possibly 2 small size fishermen. I would be fishing along with you in this scenario. It would be inshore fishing targeting food fish like Sea Trout, Flounder, Whiting, Red fish and maybe some others. You can keep what you catch and I may keep what I catch, if we decide. I will provide the cooler for our catch, what food & drinks you bring, plus a small live well bait bucket with an aerator if we can buy some live bait. It’s best to talk to me (Steve) personally about this salt water fishing trip before setting it up.
Overall my main concentration will be on trying to get you fish and everyone having a safe & good time. There is never a guarantee of getting fish. After all it is called fishing, catching is another thing entirely.
The freshwater boat will seat up to 4 with comfortable seat backs (3 fishermen maximum). Fishermen under 15 years old are limited to one per boat with a parent or guardian along of course.
You must provide: Your fishing license, fishing gear, bait, tackle, a cooler w/ice if you want to keep your catch and your preferred food & drink. I will have some drinking water on board for us all. {We will provide you information on a outfitting place in Folkston and locations elsewhere that all may be purchased – before the trip.}
You should bring: Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jackets, insect repellent, rain gear (we will go rain or shine) comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. The hot and cold times of year please check with us about special instructions.
Guide Steve Knight (see guide bio)
Consider staying in one of our comfortable, clean, cozy and convenient Cabins while doing your private fishing trip. It sure makes things so much easier, nicer & better for everyone especially you, to be right here. Enjoy being in the country and the fine natural surroundings, not to mention some great bird watching and relaxation found here on our property. Okefenokee Pastimes is directly across from the main entrance to Okefenokee NWR and a mile from the St Marys river.
Take a break from TV (you might need it) although every Cabin and campsite has high speed Internet WIFI reception and decent cell phone service here. All the Cabins are Non Smoking. A butt-can and ashtray can be provided for outside only smokers.
Our Cabins are Clean! & Nice! & Private! & Fun! And at a Reasonable Price! Charming plus Romantic for couples! You could pay allot more to stay at a B&B in town but it would not be cleaner or nicer, just fancier furniture (ours is simple but comfortable). Please go to the Deluxe cabin page or details.
Guided Tour Discounts given to lodging guests:
$25 – discount given to guests in our Deluxe Cabins 2 or more night stay.
$10 – discount given to guests for a one night only stay in our Deluxe Cabins or stay in our Basic Cabins or stay here as Campers.
[Trip timing, availability, durations and areas covered in the Okefenokee, St Marys River and Coastal environments are subject to change with fluctuating water levels, flood or drought conditions & hazardous weather.]

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