Blackwater River at Night

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$295 includes 2 people, add $95 each additional up to 4. See discounts & price details below.

Blackwater River Private Motorboat Night Tour

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Brief Description

A private guided St Marys River Night Tour by quiet comfortable motorboat.
Tour Details
Blackwater Night Time River Private Motorboat Tour # M-NR6

Description: This is a private motor boat tour of up to 3 hours on the water, into the night falling darkness and the black waters of the St Marys River. Some people have fears about the idea of this tour but it is a safe experience done with some sensible safeguards under our guidance. It does require a sense of adventure, so it might not be suited for the overly nervous, extremely reactionary or a fearful paranoid type person. The reason for this being mainly that if someone cannot relax and enjoy the peacefulness and serenity of this unique experience, it tends to make it unpleasant for the others who want to enjoy and savor that tranquility.
The Saint Mary’s River is the Okefenokee’s Atlantic Ocean connection. The River is an incredibly undeveloped secret “Gem” that divides Georgia and Florida. We usually get started sometime before sundown and put on the water before darkness actually descends giving adequate time to get comfortable with the surroundings. We may wish to stop on a sandy beach and watch the moonrise or moonshadows, sometimes there are spectacular sunsets and moonrises seen from the river. We will be smart and cut the outboard early on and use the silent electric motor to move slowly and enjoy the quiet of this pristine waterway. You will use provided flashlights or headlamps but you may want to bring your personal light if you like. In our opinion, it is most enjoyable and comfortable especially from a bug standpoint not to have the lights on constantly, starlight and moonlight are magical.
The Saint Mary’s River offers undulating curves, sandy beaches, cypress sentinels, Barred owl serenades and is spectacular to see, hear, smell and experience under the cloak of darkness. This is rejuvenating magic. Night time is the right time to partake of this unspoiled, blackwater, riverworld and the progeny of Okefenokee.
The intended plan is for you to relax and really enjoy this. We want you to have some fun, sometimes you can actually feel the stress of modern living leaving your body. Our favorite swamp boat seats 4 with comfortable swivel seatbacks and possible room for 1 more small person under unusual circumstances. {please see info below on our larger boat designed for larger groups}.
Cold drinks and water will be provided.
This is a private tour ideal for night sky & nature lovers and/or anyone with a little sense of adventure who would rather take in this beauty in a different light with safety and relaxation high on their list.
You should bring: Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jackets (we will go rain or shine), snacks, insect repellent, comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. Hot and cold times of year please check with us about some special instructions.
Guide Steve Knight (see guide bio)
Please check tour particulars above and/or ask us for info on cancellation policy due to weather or other circumstances especially in warm/hot weather times.
Consider staying in one of our comfortable, clean, cozy and convenient Cabins while doing your private night tour. It sure makes things go much easier, nicer & better for everyone especially for you, because your right here. Enjoy being in the country and the fine natural surroundings, not to mention some great bird watching found here on our property. Okefenokee Pastimes is directly across from the main entrance to Okefenokee NWR and a mile from the St Marys river.
Take a break from TV (you might need it) although every Cabin and campsite has high speed internet WIFI reception and decent cell phone service here. All the Cabins are Non Smoking. A butt-can and ashtray can be provided for outside only smokers.
Our Cabins are Clean! & Nice! & Private! & Fun! And at a Reasonable Price! Charming plus Romantic for couples! You could stay at a B&B but it would not be cleaner or nicer, just fancier furniture (ours is simple but comfortable). Please go to the Deluxe cabin page for details.
Guided Tour Discounts given to lodging guests:
$10 – discount given to guests in our Deluxe Cabins.
Pricing and details for more people & larger Boat:
As stated above we can sometimes add a fifth small person or child to our standard boat used in tours as long as the family and/or group agrees. Comfort and overall weight are important factors to be considered. Note – on rare occasion we can add a fifth (small child) to our standard boat.
Please ask about our larger capacity boat perfect for slightly larger groups of friends & family. We offer this new and larger boat outfitted the same way (quiet electric motor) able to accommodate from six to eight people and sometimes more for about the same amount of time on the water, a very similar high quality guided St Marys River boating experience.
All Night tours will originate and end at Okefenokee Pastimes before and after travel to our St Marys River put in spot.
Big Boat Prices:
Please email or call us for special big boat pricing up to 8 people in very comfortable seating, up to 10 maximum are allowed in this larger boat with a larger electric motor which is perfectly suited for the St Marys River at night.
{Tour timing, availability, duration and areas covered on the river are subject to change with swamp water levels, conditions & weather.}

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