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What about the Motorboats

We have two motorboats that we use for most of our tours and activities.

Our primary use boat is intended for up to 4 passengers or sometimes 5 (comfortable swivel seating is set up for 4). It is a comfortably outfitted flat bottomed fiberglass 16 foot boat.

Our secondary use boat is intended for 5 to 10 passengers (comfortable swivel seating is set up for 8). It is a comfortably outfitted larger flat bottomed fiberglass 20 foot boat.

Both boats are powered by newer model, clean, quiet, efficient 4 stroke outboard motors. Both boats also have powerful silent electric motors for stealth mode usage. The two boats also have two paddles and two push poles each as back up or as needed emergency propulsion. These boats have all the appropriate safety gear PFDs, throw-able floatation and fire extinguishers etc on board.

Both boats have comfortable attractive padded seats and seat backs with swivel bottoms for extra versatility. The boats both have Bimini tops that can be put up in 2 minutes for shade or for rain applications if needed. These two boats are both extremely safe stable and perfectly suited for their usage here at Okefenokee and surrounding environs.

These two boats are the best boats that money can buy for what we use them for in our opinion and we have put many years of personal research and trial and error into figuring this one out.

Some Good Reasons for Considering Our Motorboat Tours

1. Fears: of snakes, of being lost, of man eating bloodthirsty Alligators and fiendish blood sucking insects. When you don’t know or understand the swamp or it’s critters, the swamp environment can seem intimidating. It is handy to have someone along who is familiar with the area and it’s various creature’s habits and habitats. Leave your concerns about navigation to us, relax, kick back and enjoy.

We expect to alleviate misconceptions, unfounded fears and advise you of potential surprises and situations due to seasonal conditions or other contributing factors. We will share our knowledge and experience in order to help you feel at ease, relaxed and able to really enjoy being around some of the worlds most amazing and interesting creatures in this tranquilizing, hypnotic and fascinatingly beautiful habitat.

2. The use of a quality comfortable and safe boat. The vessel used, is the personal craft of the owners and is not rented, loaned or allowed to be used by anyone else. Our swamp boats are well maintained 16 & 20 foot, ultra safe, unsinkable (unless filled with lead or concrete), fiberglass, foam filled, flat bottom boats. The boats have comfortable seating with padded seat backs and both have Bimini tops that can be put up quickly if needed in bad weather. These two boats are the best boats that money can buy for what we use them for, in our opinion. We’ve put many years of personal research and trial and error into figuring this one out. The motors used are newer, very clean, quiet and reliable 4 strokes. In addition, our boats are outfitted with silent but powerful electric motors allowing us to have a quiet, stealthy, paddle boat type of experience without all the intense exercise and hassle. The boats are equipped with back up paddles and poles for extra added safety insurance. We of course always carry life jackets and the appropriate safety gear for all our outings.

3. A desire to know first hand, about the Flora, Fauna and Heritage of the Okefenokee Swamp, St Marys River and Coast. We really enjoy sharing our knowledge of these ecosystems with our guests and really love to point out interesting things when we come across them in these magical habitats. It is sometimes very special indeed to get a perspective or an introspective from someone who is intimate with the environment they live in.

4. You want to have a good time on the water. That is what it is all about. We are there to help it be a good time. We advise, assist and try to take charge when we perceive potential problems. Our objective is for everyone to have stress free enjoyment and a successful trip out and back on the water. We work hard to take all the worries out. We want it to be fun. We love fun. We are all about fun, tempered with a healthy dose of respect for the natural world and wilderness surroundings.

5. You want the best and highest quality guided experience available at the Okefenokee, which you will get with us. We cater to your desire to have a more personal atmosphere & experience. Not just the same mass appeal boat ride that bus loads of Elder Hostel, school children, or Gray Line type tour-buses packed with tourists come and get. We are a very small business, we do not wish to deal with those numbers of people, unlike the government contracted concessionaires that are located within the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge. We put a very personal touch on our tours and as it happens in many cases you are also our guests here at our place, Okefenokee Pastimes for a night or two. We deal with our folks as the special individuals that they are. The herd or a cattle boat mentality is definitely not our style.

6. What you are actually getting with us is a private charter boat experience for you and your family or group of friends exclusively. If you have any understanding of charter boat pricing you would understand how expensive that usually is and what a bargain our tours are. The only exception might be a special request that has been clearly expressed before hand to have a particular tour date open up to others.

7. Our small saltwater boat seats only 1 or 2 and is outfitted with all appropriate and legally required safety equipment. It is a safe 14 foot V hull with a small outboard also outfitted with a quiet electric motor for silent propulsion and stealthy wildlife observations.

8. Steve will most likely be your guide and boat Captain. He is co-owner of the business with a CG license for operating a passenger vessel offshore and on all inland and inshore navigable waterways. He is, to our knowledge, the only guide operating power boats at the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge who has ever held a Coast Guard Captain License.

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