Guided Tours

 Please Note: See our contact page for imortant current information on our guided tours. 

The intended plan is for you to relax and really enjoy this. We want you to have some fun too. Sometimes you can actually feel the stress of modern living leaving your body.

Our primary use swamp boat seats 4 with comfortable padded swivel seats and possible room for 1 more small person under unusual circumstances. Our secondary use swamp boat is larger and for groups of  5 to 10 with comfortable padded swivel seats for 8.

The boats used in our private guided paddle tours are comfortable, user friendly and excellent performing high quality kayaks and canoes. We are able to accommodate a group of 7 paddlers in kayaks and/or up to 12 experienced paddlers in canoes.

Our private guided tours are ideal for photographers mainly by motorboat, bird watchers, nature lovers and/or anyone who would rather take in this special beauty with comfort, ease, safety and relaxation high on their list.

Good Reasons to take a Paddling Tour
Good Reasons to take a Motorboat Tour

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