(photos of the Supermoon from the Campground, as you can see no light pollution)

This area of the southeastern United States is a black hole in a sea of light pollution. This is the view from the space shuttle as it orbits over the east coast of North America at night.


Look for the black area just above Jacksonville, FL. It is really dramatic when contrasted to the blackness found in a unpopulated Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.

The USFWS talks about the Okefenokee having “Quality 1” type air which means it is very clean with minimal pollution. One thing we have always loved about living here at Okefenokee is the night sky that is so clear, dark and open that it closely rivals a sky you may find in the western deserts.

At Okefenokee Pastimes we are out in the countryside here on the edge of  Okefenokee. We try to limit our lights and resulting light pollution with timers and on/off switches. Talk to us about our light situation when you set up your reservation or check in.

We will try to use this page to foster an interest in Astronomy and this favorable location for pursuit of some great stargazing.

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