Spacious pull through full hook-up RV sites
A Separated and more natural Tent Camping area
Nicest bathrooms by far  found anywhere in the area.
RV Prices: 1-2 person – $25 multi-night / $30 single night /$10 ea additional person / See more prices & details below

Camping at Pastimes

OP campground
Tent Camp Prices: 1-2 person / $20 multi-night / $25 single night / $10 ea additional person / See more prices & details below
Camping – some Special Details, Info and Thoughts

We are very small and have a cozy mellow natural atmosphere here. We offer our guests / campers a great place to kickback and easily access local nature.

Okefenokee Pastimes does not have a pool, a clubhouse, cable tv, a bar, church services, playground or game fields. On the other hand. We do have free high speed Internet Wi-Fi available at every site, some short nature walking trails and a small (catch & release) stocked pond.

We don’t discourage children or adult weekend revelers, unless they break the #1 rule by showing a lack a respect for others and disrupt the peacefulness & tranquility we intend to promote here.

Okefenokee Pastimes is a private home to its owners. It is also private property and their business located together in the countryside at the main entrance to Okefenokee. All we ask of guests is that they give us in return, the same respect and courtesy we expect to give them when they pay their money to stay here. Please understand, we must have some rules in order to have  everything operate functionally, practical, peaceable, safe and sane. We hope all enjoy sharing the overall 12 acre grounds of our property, together as good neighbors.

Camping here is all about clean, natural, pleasant, camp spots and a place meant for peace & relaxation in natural rural countryside surroundings. Our location is perfectly suited for easy access to nature’s treasures with quality, clean, camping amenities easily at hand.

Okefenokee Pastimes is situated at the Okefenokee’s East Entrance (the U.S. government headquarters and main entrance for the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge). You cannot get any more convenient to the swamp.

We extend a special welcome to Birders, Herps, Paddlers, Travelers, Cyclists, Nature & Outdoor enthusiasts, Train Watchers and all Mellow People.

You are invited to stay here at Okefenokee Pastimes.

Camping Amenities
Up to 12 RV sites with water / 30 amp electric / sewer and a campground RV dump station. These sites are large and easy to pull-through sites.  Most sites have full hook ups with sewer but every site has water and electric hook-ups and all can receive free high speed Internet WI-FI.

Large Tent Camping area with shade trees, picnic tables, and an outdoor campers sink. The tent and car camping area is in a separate, farther back, more isolated natural section next to our Nature Trails and Wildlife Habitat. There is no electric provided in this area. All tent sites should receive free high speed Internet WI-FI.

[campfires and charcoal grilling are extra $ and conditionally permitted - see fire info below for more about this]

Our complete bathhouse is well kept and very clean, nicely furnished, air-conditioned and/or heated with nice, hot showers & private dressing stalls. All for our basic cabin and camping guests. We have by far the nicest, cleanest, well kept bathrooms available to campers found in the whole area.

Okefenokee Pastimes is Reservation only, you will need a reservation if you want to camp here. Camping Reservation Deposits are Non-Refundable.

Business Information and Hours

We Open for reservations, check-ins at our Office / Gallery / Gift Shop & Store, Tues – Sat, 3 pm until 6 pm E.S.T. We are closed on Mondays and Sundays.

You would only be able to check in for reservation camping between 3 pm & 6 pm, reservation is lost after 6:00 pm. Monday we are closed and no check in is possible – sorry.

Sundays also our office is closed, but. If you wish arrive on a Sunday, you must have made reservations for multiple nights & tours with advance reservation deposit. Sunday check-ins are by appointment time only and always with a 1 hour window of check in time (usually 5-6pm), otherwise we are closed and you will not be able to check in.

Appointment check in times are the only way we can do it on Sunday and also during certain special seasonal times. Summer approximately June 1 to Sept. 15 and sometimes in the winter approximately Dec. 10 to Jan 1st.

Reservations are lost after 6pm. Check-out is 11 am.

Summer Season Camping is by reservation and multi-night only from June until mid September. Many things are different during “Summer Season” (see our contact, info & updates pages for more details on this time period).

More price details & info

RV Full Hook-Ups or Electric + Water – all pull-through site rates are for 2 people per RV with the RV plus 1 tow vehicle parked per site. Rates include use of bathhouse & dump station.
Single night rate is $30 – each extra person is $10 each
Multi night rate is $25 per night – each extra person is $10 each. Check-out is 11am.

An extra vehicle parked on site (more than the 2) is $5 each

An additional charge for electricity might be added during extra hot or cold times or when electrical consumption is expected to be more than normal average use.

Weekly discount rate is – pay in full for six days at check in and get the seventh day free.

[remember campfires and charcoal grilling are conditionally permitted - see fire info below]

Tent & Primitive site rates are for 1-2 people in a tent or small vehicle with no hook-ups on site. The rate includes use of the bathhouse.

Single night rate is for 1 or 2 people $25 a night – each extra person is $10 a night
Multi night rate is for 1 or 2 people paid in advance $20 a night – each extra person is $10 a night. Check-out is 11am.

Weekly discount rate is – pay in full for six days at check in and get the seventh day free.

Bathhouse is closed daily for cleaning and septic system recovery, from 11am – 3pm. Open the rest of the time.

sorry No refunds on camping

Visitors to registered camping guests are not free and are expected to pay an extra person fee. You need to let us know all the details ahead of time (before check in). Please communicate with us about any expected visitors. We expect you to take responsibility, so that there are not problems.

[remember campfires and charcoal grilling are conditionally permitted - see fire info below]

Camping Reservations & Deposit Info

Okefenokee Pastimes is Reservation only, you will need a reservation if you want to camp here. Camping Reservation Deposits are Non-Refundable.

For Camping Reservations we require half the total due by personal check, with the balance paid upon check in. We will hold your spot 4 working days with a credit card Visa or MC until we receive your check by mail. Or if not enough time we can charge your credit card the deposit.

Checks should be made out to Okefenokee Pastimes, mail to Okefenokee Pastimes Inc, 28244 Highway 121 Folkston, GA. 31537.

Make sure to include the days you want to reserve, number in party, what type of camping you will be doing and you will need to check in between 3 pm & 6 pm. Remember, your reservation will be held only until 6pm after that time the reservation is lost.
Remember also, that check-in is not possible on Mondays our only day off because the office is closed and Sunday it’s only by a prior reservation with a specific appointment time.

Confirmations for multi-night camping will be sent out by request and by e-mail only except for group camping. You need to check with us for availability before sending a deposit.

Refunds – No refunds on camping. We cannot guarantee weather or any other conditions beyond our control. We suggest you not book any camping time reservations you are not sure you will use.

E-mail or call (912) 496-4472 between 3:00pm and 6:00pm EST except Monday or Sunday the office is closed.

All rates subject to change without notice. Deposits required to confirm reservations.

Camping Late Arrival Info

We are sorry but we are not set up to take late check-ins on camping. We are a small business run by a couple of individuals we don’t have the people power.

We are not a subsidized government (taxes supported federal, state or county) campground or a large corporate type setup. There are only so many hours of the day that it’s possible for us to be available to provide any particular service.

We also do need to try to have a life. This is what we can do. We know we will miss many people. We cannot efficiently run a business and take care of valued customers who come here expecting what we offer to provide, any other way.

Our office closes at 6:00pm EST. If it is necessary to deal with someone trying to camp here after we are closed we have an additional fee of $20 to add on top of regular camping rates or they would be asked to leave. We really do not enjoy that situation so lets not go there.

Pet Policy
Sorry pets are not allowed in our cabins or tenting areas.
Pets are allowed if you are traveling in a hard sided RV and not a pop-up, they cannot be left outside or staked on a leash unsupervised at any time. A dog must be attended on leash or fenced in at all times when outside of an RV and of course always picked up after. Excessive out of control barking will not be tolerated.

If there is any question as to a gray area of our pet policy, a $150 cash only deposit will be required. Be mindful of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge’s policy of - no pets are allowed on the water in a boat at all and they must be on a leash in the areas where they are permitted. Okefenokee NWR “Law Enforcement” is very serious about this, we know. We have seen it go down too often.

Why are we not listed in Woodall’s, TL or AAA?

In case you have not noticed, we are not a typical camping industry standard business. Those corporate publications are outrageous with their costs (at $1,200. that’s the smallest add minimum now) for a little business like ours. Those company’s have a very narrow perception of what a quality camping facility is and does, plus they raise their prices every year. We used to buy their adds many years ago. We choose now to spend that money on more important things that would improve what we have here. No matter how many thousands of dollars we spent with them, we would still not look very good in their ratings. It is because we are small and different and go our own way instead of trying to fit a big corporate oriented formulaic mold.

We are campers too and are thoroughly delighted in our travels when we find a place similar to ours. We try to support those places because we know they are endangered of extinction.

Group Camping

Groups can be a pleasure to host or occasionally they can be a nightmare ordeal. We cannot afford to tolerate chaotic, clueless, unorganized, undisciplined, groups so be fair warned.

We offer a wonderful place for groups to camp and stage excursions into Swamp or River but please understand our whole business does not revolve around a group that camps here. Groups staying here are expected to respect other guests and their right to enjoy peace, quiet, privacy and function especially pertaining to commonly used areas and facilities.

Group Camping discounts are only available on a case by case situation. We don’t have enough people power labor force on hand to offer standing discounts for groups. If you want to get a little off our regular camping rates as a group you must qualify as the following.

#1. Be 20 or more people with a organized leader in charge.

#2 The whole group is arriving and checking in for orientation together and at the same time during regular office hours, unless a special arrangement had been set up, well ahead of time.

#3 We deal with a person in charge and prearranged to take care of the money exchange or any other issues that may arise.

#4 It’s all done by advance reservation with a required security / damage deposit held by valid Visa or Master card all prearranged.

Phone or e-mail with complete details of your circumstance for a price quote if you can qualify as above listed.

There is no reservation deposit refund or credits for last minute totals changes and cancellations. If numbers increase significantly at the last minute there may be additional charges.

If you wish a deposit refund then communications must be given well in advance (at least 2 weeks) of arrival dates. Subtract a $25 cancellation fee from all cancellations. Deposit refunds are not possible Spring – March, April & May plus Fall – Oct & Nov. Please be sure before you book a reservation. A cancellation always impacts us in a negative economic way (we will lose money).

Group RV Camping sorry not available, we are too small and therefore need to deal with our RV guests on an individual rig basis.

Specialized Group Rates are sometimes available with an advanced reservation. This offer is for youth oriented non-profit civic type organizations if the group is willing to exchange some quality work on a project here of our picking under our supervision in exchange for a discount. Call to inquire availability. Usually not available February through May or some of October or November and many weekends & holidays that we are just to busy. At busy times for us, it’s not usually available but you can always ask. Talk to us – call.

Campfires & Charcoal Grilling and other pertinent Info

Because of safety, ecological, insurance, and cost issues campfires are charged a one time only additional $10 per fire site, fire ring rental charge (At times fires are not permitted period and are subject to changes with conditional factors and dangers). Also, a refundable deposit is required by cash or credit card (Visa & MC).

Those not wishing to have a fire or to charcoal grill are of course exempt from the extra charge. Fires are usually not permitted for single night use campers, unless in a large group.

Always let us know ahead of time or when you make your reservation that you wish to have a campfire or do charcoal grilling this helps us be better prepared and more likely to be able to accommodate the request.

Campfire permit and fire ring for campfire is extra = $10 a one time charge, we sell firewood for $5 a bundle (when available).

Charcoal grill rental = $5 -Please note having a fire info below.

Having a Fire - Please be aware that you are accepting the responsibility and liability for any and all damages caused by fire use here (see fire use info below). All persons wishing to have a fire must be equipped to deal with starting and maintaining a camp fire. Our firewood, in most cases comes in large split pieces, so an axe or hatchet is usually required but is not available or provided by us.

FIRES a warning (please read this if you want a fire or to grill)  Why? – Because we have been burned.

On an Easter Sunday several years ago two negligent guests started a wildfire here on our property by careless charcoal grill use. It burned over 10 acres out of control threatening life and home, a sizable portion of what burned was our neighbors land.

That fire has cost us. We lost much more than just a considerable sum of money. It has been extremely costly in many ways and will take a long time for recovery.

Some people feel a campfire or charcoal grilling is their right. We see it as a privilege and one that comes with responsibility. There is absolutely no need for a large tacky dangerous fire and in fact it is wasteful and piggish. Small fires are smarter and easier on surrounding resources and have less potential danger. We propose there is no real excuse to create a big damn fire.

We want you (our valued Guest) to understand we are very serious about fire use here in all forms. We need for you to know that if you wish to enjoy this privilege, we expect you to be responsible with it. This means obtaining the permission and following the rules of fire and charcoal use (available in office during office hours).

If what we’re asking about fire use on our property is something you consider not worthy of respect or adherence, well we strongly suggest not staying here. Please go someplace else, with lower standards and fire use ethics. You may be assured we would insist you leave if we discover this to be the case.

Our only wish is for all of our guests to relax and enjoy themselves here on our property. With an understanding, that like everything else in life there are limitations, especially when actions threaten lives and property. Thank you sincerely for your cooperation. – The owners of Okefenokee Pastimes.

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