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Cabin Reservation & Policy Info (please read this before booking)
Basic Cabin Plus at Okefenokee Pastimes
Basic Cabin Plus Prices: are for 1 or 2 people / 2 or more nights $75 night / one night stay is $85 night / extra person adds $10 night – 3 people total / plus 07% state & local taxes

Basic Cabin Plus

Basic Cabin Plus
Brief Description: Plus Cabin has heat & a/c, screened porch etc and is identical to the Basic Cabin except towels, pillows, sheets & all bedding is provided.

Basic Cabin Plus Details

The Basic Cabin Plus is identical to a Basic Cabin in every way except that the bath towels, pillows, sheets and all the bedding are provided for you to make your beds. Cabin has one double bed and one single bed. It will comfortably sleep two or (sharing a bed) three people. Cabins are furnished with chairs, a writing table, lamps and a large screened front porch plus free high speed WI-FI internet at the cabins.

The Basic Cabin “Plus” is great for guests who fly into the area and have no way to bring bedding, pillows and towels etc.

Basic Plus Cabins do not have an attached bathroom, guests use a nearby well kept, clean and nicely appointed private guests bathroom.

You must leave this cabin in as good a shape as you find it, sweeping it out and dumping all trash & garbage, we require a credit card {Visa or Master Card} to use as a cleaning deposit. You will be charged a cleaning fee if you leave a mess. At check in we provide a list of fees that may be charged for damages or creating extra labor for us.

Consider staying in our economical, comfortable, clean, cozy and convenient basic plus cabins while exploring and enjoying the Okefenokee & area. It should make things more fun, nicer and better all around. Enjoy being out in the countryside in some fine natural surroundings, not to mention some great bird watching and plant & animal investigations that can be pursued right here on our 12 acre property.

More Prices & Info: The prices shown above are for 1 or 2 people. You will need to add $10 per night for every extra person up to a total and maximum of 3 adult people. Longer Stays – pay for 6 days upfront and get a 7th day for free. We recommend – 2 adults and 1 or 2 (if small) children or a maximum of 3 adult size people for the best comfort level in one of our basic plus cabins. We really appreciate cash payments but must request you have a valid Visa or Master Card to rent any cabin.

All of our Cabins are Non-Smoking. We can provide an ashtray for outside use only. The Cabins have no phones although most cell phones receive decent service here. All cabins have free high speed WI-FI Internet receivable right in your cabin but No TV (warn all the TV addicted, they can bring their own or go cold turkey). We do have some playing cards for sale and available for purchase at check in or during office hours.

No cooking with a flame is permitted in the cabins or on porches due to insurance & fire hazards. The picnic table right outside each cabin is where you may use a camp stove that you have brought or rented from us. A small Weber style charcoal grill can be provided upon request (at an extra charge). For cooking outside on the picnic table we can rent you a 2 burner or a one burner propane camp stove, does not include propane, pots or pans (they can be rented also). You need to let us know beforehand to reserve these items for you.

We strongly recommend a maximum of 3 adult size people only to stay in a cabin.

Pet Policy Sorry no pets are allowed no exceptions. The Okefenokee NWR does not allow pets (dogs or cats etc) on the water at all and they do strictly enforce that rule.

Visitors to registered cabin guests are expected to pay an extra person fee. You need to let us know all the details ahead of time (before check in).

[campfires and charcoal grilling are conditionally permitted - see fire info below]

Campfire permit and fire ring for campfire is extra = $10 a one time charge, we sell firewood for $5 a bundle (when available).

Charcoal grill rental = $5 -Please note having a fire info below.

Having a Fire - Please be aware that you are accepting the responsibility and liability for any and all damages caused by fire use here (see fire use info below). All persons wishing to have a fire must be equipped to deal with starting and maintaining a camp fire. Our firewood, in most cases comes in large split pieces, so an axe or hatchet is usually required but is not available or provided by us.

FIRES a warning (please read this if you want a fire or to grill)  Why? – Because we have been burned.

On an Easter Sunday several years ago two negligent guests started a wildfire here on our property by careless charcoal grill use. It burned over 10 acres out of control threatening life and home, a sizable portion of what burned was our neighbors land.

That fire has cost us. We lost much more than just a considerable sum of money. It has been extremely costly in many ways and will take a long time for recovery.

Some people feel a campfire or charcoal grilling is their right. We see it as a privilege and one that comes with responsibility. There is absolutely no need for a large tacky dangerous fire and in fact it is wasteful and piggish. Small fires are smarter and easier on surrounding resources and have less potential danger. We propose there is no real excuse to create a big damn fire.

We want you (our valued Guest) to understand we are very serious about fire use here in all forms. We need for you to know that if you wish to enjoy this privilege, we expect you to be responsible with it. This means obtaining the permission and following the rules of fire and charcoal use (available in office during office hours).

If what we’re asking about fire use on our property is something you consider not worthy of respect or adherence, well we strongly suggest not staying here. Please go someplace else, with lower standards and fire use ethics. You may be assured we would insist you leave if we discover this to be the case.

Our only wish is for all of our guests to relax and enjoy themselves here on our property. With an understanding, that like everything else in life there are limitations, especially when actions threaten lives and property. Thank you sincerely for your cooperation. – The owners of Okefenokee Pastimes.

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