Welcome to Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground” An Oasis Near the Great Okefenokee Swamp”


Drone picture of the entrance to Pastimes

Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground

28244 Hwy 121 Folkston, GA 31537                        1-912-496-4472

As of 1-1-2019, We are NO Longer a Good Sam Participating Park, any one with previous Reservations will Still receive the 10% Good Sam Discount and Our Matching 10% on their stay. We still offer our Over 62, Military/Boy Scout/1st Responder and school group discount, Escapees, Passport America and stay 6 nights get the 7th free. 

We are a privately owned Campground directly across from the Main Entrance to the Okefenokee Swamp (NWR), when you stay at Pastimes you can do as little or as much as you would like…it’s all up to you. We offer a variety of discounts Military, First Responder, 62+, Passport America, Escapees, Good Sam, cabins get multi night discount and every site gets  the stay 6 nights 7th free. As you can see we have a discount for just about everyone. Reservations require a 50% deposit at time of booking, reservations are non refundable if cancelled within 7 days of arrival, all cancellations within 24 hours of arrival will be charged the entire reservation price (this is due to the number of people who have been taking advantage of our previous generous cancellation policy, especially in the cabins, when a site is reserved for weeks then people cancel at the last minute revenue is lost by the business, so it will no longer be allowed).

We have 5 – cabins, 3 with bathrooms and kitchenettes, all have electricity, AC, screened porches, furnished, picnic table, built in fire pits, trees and views.

Basic Cabin #2 here @ Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground in Folkston, GA your basecamp @ the Main Entrance to the Okefenokee

Cabin Blue Bird @ Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground in Folkston, GA your basecamp @ the Main Entrance to the Okefenokee

Premier Cabin Cardinal @ Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground in Folkston, GA your basecamp @ the Main Entrance to the Okefenokee


18 – Pull through RV spots all with Electric, Water, Sewer, 1- with electric and water perfect for conversion vans and 1- pull through combination small rv tent site with water, 15/30 amp electric and sewer. All have Picnic tables, Built in Fire pits, all are level and treed with plenty of room. Daily, weekly and monthly rentals available, call office for monthly rates.

Main Row with future Laundromat & ADA Bathhouse

Busy Weekend for RV’s @ Pastimes


4 – Private tent sites that are set up to give you the feeling you are in the wilderness by using natural vegetation to screen the tent area from the rest of the park while providing easy access to the central dish-washing station a short walk to the bath/shower house and parking at each site.

Entrance to Turkey Oak, one of our many Natural tent sites here in Folkston, Georgia

Actual site of Turkey Oak, with the Natural Vegetation to create the feeling of being in the wilderness here @ Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground in Folkston, GA your basecamp @ the Main Entrance to the Okefenokee


1 – Drive up tent site is a favorite with motorcyclist, bicyclists and car campers, all tent sites have picnic table’s and built in fire pit’s.

1 – Group camping site that can accommodate up to 45 people with picnic tables and a central built in fire pit. All cabins and sites receive complimentary Wi-Fi.

Game/Play Area

We have a large game/play area it is in a nice shaded area and has a multi use swing set-slide-outpost-climbing tunnel,  with rubber mulch in case of slips and falls for the kids. 2 – regulation horseshoe lanes, badminton, bean bag toss, ring toss a picnic table in a shaded area with a giant connect 4 game..

Playset @ Pastimes

Game area @ Pastimes Cabins, RV Park & Campground in Folkston, GA your basecamp @ the Main Entrance to the Okefenokee

Twin regulation Horseshoe Lanes

Game area @ Pastimes

Day Use Dog Kennel

We have a day use air conditioned dog kennel for those who are staying with us and can’t bring their fury friend into the Okefenokee with them (use is subject to fee), the Kennel is also open to visitors going to the Okefenokee and plan on going on the water or the boardwalk. Reservations can be made on our online booking engine under sites, for now there are only 2 runs available, we will add more depending on use/need.


Our 2 run dog Kennel for guests and those travelling to the Okefenokee, leave your pet here @ Pastimes for the day.

Nice shady setting for the dog kennel @ Pastimes


Run 1 inside @ Pastimes in Folkston, GA

Run #2 here @ Pastimes in Folkston, GA

For comfort in the summer months, AC in the dog kennel her @ Pastimes in Folkston, GA

We have a large Dog exercise area with a table and umbrella for shade so you can sit while your fury friend gets his exercise and a dog waste station to make it convenient to clean up after him/her.

Dog exercise area @ Pastimes

Entrance to dog exercise area @ Pastimes


Okefenokee Pastimes is proud to announce we have partnered with Okefenokee Adventures to provide stay and tour packages. The first will be for the night of January 20, 2019. This is a special night as it is not only a Full Moon, but also a Blood Supermoon (it will appear reddish in color) and as an added treat is also a full Lunar Eclipse.
We are offering a package that will include a stay in one of our cabins, rv or tent sites.
4:15pm shuttle to Adventures in the Okefenokee NWR, 2 hour sunset boat tour followed by a Low Country Swamp Boil served with garlic bread, salad and dessert and beverage.
7:45pm return shuttle service to Pastimes. At 9pm we will have a wine and cheese social, followed by our stargazing briefing and then we will head to the starfield for the lunar viewing @10pm, the lunar eclipse schedule time as follows;

Duration: 5 hours, 11 minutes, 33 seconds
Duration of totality: 1 hour, 1 minute, 58 seconds
Penumbral begins: Jan 20 at 9:36:29 pm
Partial begins: Jan 20 at 10:33:54 pm
Full begins: Jan 20 at 11:41:17 pm
Maximum: Jan 21 at 12:12:14 am
Full ends: Jan 21 at 12:43:15 am
Partial ends: Jan 21 at 1:50:39 am
Penumbral ends: Jan 21 at 2:48:02 am

Official end of stargazing (Lunar Viewing) will end when the full eclipse ends approx. 12:43am January 21, 2019. However you will be more than welcome to stay and view as long as you want from the starfield.
Basic Cabin; $ 97.50 per adult + tax (based on Double occupancy)
Deluxe Cabin; $115.00 per adult + tax (based on Double occupancy)
Premier Cabin; $120.00 per adult + tax (based on Double occupancy)
RV Site; $ 78.75 per adult + tax (based on Double occupancy)
Tent site; $ 70.00 per adult + tax (based on Double occupancy)
Extra Adults; $ 70.00 per adult + tax
Children; $ 60.00 per child + tax

This special event requires a minimum of 6 adult attendees to be provided, we must have the minimum number of adult attendees met by January 13, 2019. To reserve a place for this special event and be placed on the list please call Okefenokee Pastimes @ 912-496-4472 during business hours or email [email protected]
Reservations and deposits will then be processed on January 13th, 2019 based on minimum attendance requirement and weather forecast.

Pastimes is excited to provide weekly Stargazing on Friday & Saturday nights for our Guests as well as the Public. As many may know we are located in one of the darkest sky areas in the Southeast (no or little unnatural light pollution), we have decided that we would love to share one of the age old hobbies and offer an introduction to star gazing every Friday and Saturday night. With the dark skies in this beautiful part of GA it makes it possible, for all to gaze towards the stars and dream like so many other countless generations before have done. Admission for the approx 1-1/2hr is $5 per person to help offset the many thousands of dollars we have invested in the equipment and star facilities, each attendee will be emailed pictures taken at the end of the star gazing session for a permanent memory of what you saw that night courtesy of Pastimes Stargazing & Stays Astrophotography (this is included in your admission charge, at no extra fee). For groups or those with their own equipment please call or email the office for your quote. We are working towards our own dark sky certification and will announce it when it happens. We will be accommodating those who are new to the hobby as well as amateur and professional star gazers, if you are interested in basic Astrophotography please bring your own equipment. We will be supplying telescopes from Orion and be using their Dobsonian Sky Quest line 6″, 8″, 10″ 12″, we have added 2 self guiding scope’s for DSO and Astrophotography, we will soon be streaming our sessions into the entertainment room live. Or if you have your own please feel free to bring it.

Telescopes at Pastimes

Milky Way as seen from our new Starfield here @ Pastimes in Folkston, GA

Pastimes in the largest Dark Sky area in the South East

Full Moon @ Pastimes

Full Moon here @ Pastimes in Georgia

1/2 Waxing moon as viewed through our 12″ Orion Dobsonian here @ Pastimes in Folkston, Georgia

Full Moon as viewed through our 10″ Orion Dobsonian on a Stargazing event here @ Pastimes Stargazing in Folkston, Georgia. A lot of people say you can’t do photography through a dob, we are working on proving them wrong, it is not a easy task but can be done. Our new tracking mounts and starfield will bring new, better results, keep watching for the photos.

Orion as viewed from our Starfield on 1-6-19 here in Folkston, GA @ Pastimes. Pastimes Stargazing and Stays is working hard to become a premier destination for Astronomy Clubs, Schools and the Public who are interested in Stargazing from one of the Darkest areas in the Southeast United States, weather you are looking for an introduction to stargazing or Astrophotography or are a seasoned Astronomer with your own equipment, you will be pleased with what we have to offer, make your reservations now and start seeing what you have been missing.

The Waning Moon 12-25-18 as seen from the newly opened Starfield here @ Okefenokee Pastimes in South Georgia. We are a Bortle 3.5 so seeing, observing and photographing conditions are great, make your reservations and come see what dark skies do for the night sky, stay here while you view, take part in our stargazing events or just do it on your own, either way the memories are yours to make! Visit our stargazing and astronomy page pastimesstargazingstays.com and see what is upcoming and stay up to date on our progress.

Sample of one of the pics sent to attendees of our weekly stargazing on 1-11-19, taken from the Starfield @ Pastimes here in South GA.


Here is a picture of the new Starfield,  it has come online Dec-25-18 and we will be starting our weekly stargazing events from there shortly. It is a secluded area of no un-natural light caused by the buildings and rv’s and the coming and going vehicles a naturaly dark area. It is open to Astronomy clubs and our outreach programs will be starting in Jan 19, star parties are being scheduled now for Feb and March 19. The first picture is the field under construction, we will post progression pictures as it being done. 2nd picture is the Milky Way as seen from the starfield on 10-13, even with the waxing moon the views are still great.

Milky Way from the new starfield @ Pastimes

Starfield looking East @ Pastimes

Satrfield Looking North @ Pastimes

Starfield looking West @ Pastimes

Starfield Looking South @ Pastimes

We have a pond on site with fish and fish feeding stations, a peninsula with State Park spec charcoal grills, a pavilion and picnic tables for use as a day picnic area and at night it doubles as our star gazing area, there is no unnatural light interference and this area in South Georgia is rated as one of the best star gazing areas in the Country.

Pergola @ Pastimes peninsula on the pond

Great picnic area @ Pastimes


We have a campers store stocked with anything you may need or forgot for your trip, cold drinks, ice cream and frozen meals, essentials, etc. We have a meeting/game/entertainment room set up with tables, chairs, TV, VCR/DVD player, electric fireplace, games and a book nook/movie nook where you can pick  movie from over 500 dvd’s/vcr tapes or exchange a book or just pick one to read. We also have built in horseshoe pits, badminton, bean bag toss, giant connect 4, croquet and ring toss. We have over 4,000 ft of hiking nature trails on the property and over 12 miles of public hiking trails right across the road.  There is always something to do here from relaxing, to socializing, to taking a tour at the Swamp or canoeing on the St Mary’s River. We have canoe’s and Kayak’s for rent for the St. Mary’s, we offer shuttle services

Please see Photo Gallery for  campground pictures and site map or go to booking page all sites have pictures there as well.

See us, like us and review us after your stay on Facebook;


We are directly across from the entrance to the Okefenokee Swamp, and are within a short drive from the Folkston funnel where over 60 CSX trains a day pass through on their way to and from Florida along with a great viewing platform. If you you are a motorcyclist the area has some great riding, in short there is always plenty to do here, bird watching, hiking trails, star gazing and especially resting and relaxing.

Again we look forward to meeting you and making your stay a special one, Michelle & Dale Hazzard – Owners.

Our GPS coordinates for ease of finding us are;

N 30.74078 Deg.

W 82.07084 Deg.

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